Mansions and markets in Dinard

Location MapDinard and Dinan – I always get the two mixed up. One is inland and one is on the coast. One is a medieval city the other is a bit more fancy. Dinard is the fancy one on the coast with mansions along the sea cliffs, a grand hotel and spas. The town has a bit of a history as a holiday destination for both the French and English and it seems there certainly was some money thrown about.


Dozens of mansions line the cliff

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays there is a market on the square in front of the post office. Here you can find lots of great produce including fresh and juicy seafood, the breads that the French are famous for, delicious cheeses and the usual fruit and veg you expect at markets. Outside the main hall you can also find crafts and like every good French market there is a cheap crepe guy who makes them hot on the spot.

image image

Fresh baguettes and delicious cheeses

For me it’s all about the breads and soft cheeses and there are loads of cru cheeses here where the milk is not pasteurised whereas in Australia food regulations do not allow them. Maybe it’s the forbidden fruit that tempts me, but the cru cheeses have a lot more flavour. In Australia, there is almost no difference other than the label between Brie and Camembert, but in France they have much more obvious flavours.

image image

Fruit and veg plus more cheese!

The main street also has lots of little artisan shops. Every time I thought we were leaving we had to stop again at the tea shop, the chocolate shop, the bookshop etc. From there it’s not far to the promenade where you can walk around the eastern side of the beach. The path takes you past an outdoor swimming pool which I imagine was pretty “fresh” and around the corner you get a nice view of Saint-Malo.


View of Saint-Malo from Dinard


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