The Singapore Food Safari

Call me crazy, but sometimes I think a destination can be more about the food than the things to do. Singapore has so many influences that add to its own special blend of Oriental cuisine. Here you’ll find loads of delicious Chinese and Indian style dishes and you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for any of it.


Since I stayed in Little India, let’s start there with a Chicken Briyani. Flavourful, spicy and just SNG$3!


Briyani on banana leaf

Murtabak and Prata

As a kid in Malaysia I remember eating a lot of roti (foolishly only with sugar and not curry) so I was keen to try something like that here. I wasn’t sure what Murtabak or Egg Prata were exactly and funnily ended up with two bread dishes. Both served with a tasty curry dip for just SNG$6 together.


Egg Prata and Murtabak

Dosai (Thosai)

My next fail was looking for vegetables and something healthier. I walked into an Indian vegetarian cafeteria and ordered a Rocket Dosai thinking it would be like the Dosai I had in London, except filled with rocket. It turned out that rocket was more like a spaceship rocket haha, but at least it was only SNG$4.


Rocket not roquette

Chinese food

I have a rule back home which is that the cheaper the Asian food, the better it is. For some reason once the price goes over $20 the quality actually goes down against all logic.

The same is true in Singapore and I should have known when I walked into the air-conditioned restaurant. I ordered Mongolian Lamb and Fried Beans which were supposed to be SNG$10 each, but in the end I think they added tax and overcharged me for $30.


The most expensive meal in all of Singapore

So in the end I left ripped off and still hungry which is where Rach came to save the day with cheap Chinese Singaporean food. For just SNG$7 we got all this delicious food from an uncle (in Singapore anyone senior to you is uncle or aunty regardless of relation). God it felt good to eat vegetables!


Penance meal after still being hungry

You can find hawker complexes everywhere with more great food like this. Just remember to ask for the juicier thigh cuts if you get chicken. Be picky or the people will walk all over you.


Singaporean hawker paradise

Ice Cream

Maybe you’ve tried green tea ice cream, but outside Asia it’s not easy to find durian flavoured ice cream. It’s here in Singapore if you want an introduction to the creamy, but often misunderstood, smelly fruit.

You can also get ice cream sandwiches. Literally. Just $1!

image image

Durian flavoured ice cream and the true ice cream sandwich

Western Fast Food

The burgers are not better at Hungry Jacks as they might lead you to believe in Australia. Oddly, all the big fast food chains are better here!? Burgers are better at Burger King, the McDonalds’ McSpicy has real chicken with no need for reconstitution and they have curry sauce dips which seriously need to be made available in Australia or else I’m boycotting McDonalds forever.


McSpicy is where it's at

Local Fast Food

Of course there are Asian fast food chains too. How about the crispy range of curry puffs available at Old Chang Kee.


Curry puff from Old Chang Kee

Airport Food

Only in Asia would an airport have food that people actually go to eat when not flying. Terminal 3 at Singapore airport is like that and is just a few minutes away on the train if you are arriving or departing.

image image

Last minute BBQ duck and noodles

What was missed?

Well I’m sure there was a lot, but that just means there’s more for next time.

I guess I didn’t really eat any seafood, but I’m sure there was no beating food fresh from the Sea of Japan anyway. There was a lot of nice looking Japanese food, but we’d just come from there anyway.

Chilli crab looked amazing, but was pretty expensive near Clarke Quay. It will be sorely missed.

The food bandit will be back again with more to eat and more to see and do in Singapore.

But for now it’s time to head off to Indonesia


Who is it that's been eating all the food?!



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