Poignant Thoughts After 100 days

It’s been 100 days now and it’s bizarre to think that after so much time this is still not even one fifth of the journey. On one hand I feel like I found what I was looking for twice, but the other hand firmly thrusts me forward.

The people of the world are kind and it’s the best kind of culture shock. I am no match for their kindness, generosity, faith or selflessness, but I know what to aspire to.

More than ever I believe that where I come from people are luckier than they realise. Far too often I feel people with enough to waste hold onto what they have more tightly than those with only their heart to give.

Somehow I’ve been lucky enough to receive gifts and generosity from good people. A place to stay. A meal. A small token. A memory. An idea. Some company. Some time. Some wisdom. Hopefully they feel that I’ve left them with something meaningful too.

The languages of the world and the language of the world are special and deserve appreciation. I think my senses are finally tuning into them and I’ll keep listening and learning.

The significance of timing has consistently been apparent to me through out this journey. Small moments make enormous differences. Paths can cross, bind or slip past so delicately.

Luckily destiny offers us moments time and time again for the taking. Life isn’t necessarily as short as we make it out to be, so I see no need to worry if the time is not right or if we miss a few opportunities.

I was wrong about the things that I thought I had to change in myself to be stronger. Instead I will keep on building and chasing new experiences, I’ll continue to throw myself at challenges and deeper trials and I’ll keep trying to find my own way to make a difference for others.

The most difficult part of the journey is constantly leaving behind the people that most make you want to stay, but at the same time the brevity makes you appreciate them more. We get attached to moments and people, understandably, but we shouldn’t let that cause us to fall short of our personal journey. Unless maybe, we’re there.

Patagonian winter awaits me in the mountains. The harsh landscapes and solitude of Iceland must be walked. The dramatic fjords and rain of the Faroe Islands need to be embraced.



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