image I don’t think Montevideo is exactly a well visited capital, but I stopped by to pay my respects. Other than try out some Uruguayan food, I’m not sure what I would have done there beyond the first hour had the Sunday Flea Market not been on.

Getting in

I arrived on yet another night bus (I really do like these 8-12 hour ones now) from Buenos Aires rather than taking the ferry and bus combo. At AR610, it was less than half the price and it took 8.5 hours which was long enough to sleep. As opposed to having to change vehicles mid-way through the night (you do have to go through Uruguayan immigration though).

Good morning Montevideo!

At 7am the sun wasn’t even up, but I didn’t really want to delay getting to Punta del Este so I walked to the Cuidad Vieja at the opposite end of town with the idea being that things would be open on the way back.


Palacio Salvo on Plaza Independencia

The place well…quite dead…and very cold. I’d read that Montevideo was quite rundown and it certainly looks that way. There are a lot of very old unmaintained buildings so I decided to try and capture a bit of that mood.

image image

image image

Reminds me of Derek Zoolander's Derelict exhibition

I figured it would be a very short stay here and I headed towards the markets on Tristan Njarja street. On Sundays there is a big flea market here and to be honest (at least in winter) that was the only thing worth stopping by for.

Like Buenos Aires, people sold anything and everything! Door knocks, old (probably broken) antiques, wheels for cupboards, old books, cutlery etc. It’s always amusing to browse I think.

image image

Odd bits, bobs and vehicles at the flea market

I stopped by a cafe for breakfast. The cashier was amused by my poor Spanish. He was very helpful and I bought this little combo and a roja for just 180 Uruguayen pesos.


A pretty sweet deal

There was a bunch of old mates happily chatting away. I have no idea what they talked about but it seemed to be interesting banter. It was a pretty warm atmosphere despite the cold outside.


Old chums chatting

Before leaving the market I bought a few souvenirs, some fruit and checked out the Uruguayen cheeses. Mostly hard cheese, so not really my thing, but I thought I’d give it a try with my roja. I bought a Colonia (maybe named after the nearby port town) and a Magro San JosĂ©.


It's no French cheese, but cheese is cheese!

After that I headed back to the bus station to grab a ticket on the regional bus to Punta del Este.


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