Is that Hadrian’s Wall?

Location MapOnce again, roaming through the English countryside with no idea where Hadrian’s Wall was. “Is that the wall?!” someone exclaims pointing to what appears to be just another paddock wall. Alas, no, but we found it eventually! Not exactly where I left it.

We left the Lake District and headed back towards Edinburgh. Along the way we turned down the A69 and took a detour towards Hadrian’s Wall.

I assume the wall was built by the Romans to keep the rabbits out, because there’s no way it would have kept the Scots out given its current state. It’s only about 4ft high now which I’m sure is because farmers have pilfered all the stone for their own purposes. Not a lot exists anymore, but there is a big continuous section towards Hexham. It’s not really an attraction worth travelling to, but if you’re in Rome (Cumbria), do as the Romans would do and visit Hadrian’s Wall.

Not long after the turn off from Carlisle we found Lanercost. There’s a nice tea house there and on the day we were there they also had a market inside the old cathedral.


Lanercost House, not to be confused with the Lannisters

Oddly you had to pay to look at the market? Personally I was more amused by the old cathedral and the grounds. The cathedral is in that sweet spot though, where there’s enough of the ruin still standing to give you a pretty full picture of how it would look in all it’s glory.

image image

Lanercost Cathedral and the cemetery grounds

I love walking around these sorts of places and seeing the history left behind. Hopefully when I’m gone people build a giant memorial statue of me like a communist dictator and they all worship me on the national holiday named after me. Nah, just kidding, I’ll be cremated…and have a pyramid to house everything I need in the afterlife.

Jokes aside, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such typical headstones before. You can imagine them falling right over flat pretty easily. It’s an interesting place, and let’s not forget that there are Pokémon!…err I mean there are always doors to find!

image image

Interesting doors around as usual

We drove on down the road towards a section of Hadrian’s Wall. My sneaky (but awesome) friends bought some yarn from the market to make me a friendship bracelet since I’m such a dork. It was a really great gift and gesture.


Friendship braided and now locked on my arm

And there we stayed in a sunny spot in the English countryside in the middle of nowhere. All other plans thrown away to enjoy the moment and destroy our friendships by playing beans (it’s actually a card game called Bonanza, but the fun part is burning bridges with people when relationships get in the way of business).

image image

Enjoying the sun and planting beans

When England did it’s thing, and showed us how cold summer can be, we jumped back on the road to Edinburgh to lose a member of the Dream Team. We finally found some decent Scottish cuisine just across the border at some random pub. It was actually really nice to hear the Scottish accents again after just 3 days with the Mexicans. Sadly for Petey, he had to go find and shoot his own pheasant if he wanted to eat one – they were fresh out.

Bright and early the next morning it was time for us to drop Jenny back at the airport and sadly and for her to head home. I think we all felt cheated that it was so short, but at least we had our day at Hadrian’s Wall.


Bye Jen

The remainder of the Dream Team then drove up to Glenfinnan to compete in the Highland Games and battle for our ¼ Scottish heritage!

See what happened during the rest of the month in the UK here.


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