imageIf you had Lego as a kid, Denmark has the theme park for you. If you didn’t have Lego as a kid, I’m very sorry you were deprived, but at least you still can join in on the experience! Legoland with all its 60 million blocks is a real thing!

Getting there

It involved a bunch of transfers, but I went from Fruens Bøge to Odense and then to Vejle by train for 148DKK. Then from there it was another 70DKK to get the express bus 44 to Legoland. About a 2 hour journey all up.

Sixty million plastic bricks

As a big kid with no little kid, it felt a bit strange to go on the rides, but I pushed my way to the front of the line anyway. Just kidding! I just had to sit back and enjoy all the Lego creations through the various worlds of old and new. There’s so much more than just Lego Pirates and Knights now! Vikings, Colonial, Ninjago and “Adventure Lego just to name a few.

My favorites of the mini monuments were the temples, but they also had the White House, Egyptian Abu Simbel and all sorts of castles.

image image

Mini monuments

There was also a full Lego zoo with half size elephants amongst other animals like deer, flamingos and monkeys.

image image

Part of the zoo

Given that it wasn’t really a ride, I did go through the haunted house which had giant versions of the iconic Lego ghosts from the Knights series. I don’t remember Dracula or the Butcher though 😉

image image

Favorites from the haunted house

Ninjago certainly wasn’t around when I was a kid, but I definitely would have wanted them all. The place had a real Kung-fu Panda sort of feel to it and I was really gutted not to be able to go in the laser maze 😦

image image

Ninjago World characters

Lego has been pretty smart to adapt over the years with their movie and picking up licence rights to big hits like Star Wars. Releasing Lego sets where you can build stuff like this would really boost their profile and sell well I’m sure!

image image image

Star Wars battle scenes

Apparently they even do TV shows now and you can have your very own set for the Big Bang Theory.


Good to see Sheldon is in his spot here

Looping back to the world in miniature there was virtually a mini copy of most places in Europe. It reminded me of Mini Mundo in Gramado. Loads of places were represented with moving models, but after many years in the sun they are looking a bit parched and faded.

image image

Mini Denmark ain't looking too bad though

In the gift shop it was good to see that Australia made the cut with one of the most expensive Lego models I’ve ever seen!

image image

I'm glad to see the Opera House made the cut with the likes of the Eiffel Tower

Getting out

You can actually stay at Legoland if you want, but I jumped on a bus to Vejen (60DKK) and then another to Ribe (50DKK) both about 45 minutes each. The connection was precise, but the bus driver was smart enough to wait for connecting passengers.


Until next time

The next stop was the tiny medieval town of Ribe in south west Jutland.


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