Highlights of month in England and Scotland

Location MapDuration: 30 days
Expenses: £1,570 or £53/day (AUD$2707 or AUD$90/day)

Well after a month travelling around Great Britain here are the highlights.

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Location MapAn ancient wonder of the world, Stonehenge. I remember as a kid having a book on ancient wonders including the Pyramids of Giza. Maybe Stonehenge isn’t quite as big or as famous, but it’s an equally big mystery as to how the enormous stones were set by people with such basic tools.
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Location MapLike much of southern England, the city of Bath was once part of the Roman empire. Here the Romans built a great temple and bath complex for the rich and wealthy to enjoy. Given their complex bathing routine it seems that it was the ancient equivalent of going to a spa retreat.
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The Cotswolds

Location MapThe Cotswolds area of England is dotted with villages full of stunning sandstone coloured cottages. The greenery has often spent decades crawling its way around the warm coloured stone. The residents nurture flowers of all origins (or perhaps their gardeners do it) and it’s this combination of stone, nature and colour that makes this area so quaint. Now if only I had millions of pound sterling.
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Location MapDerby, an old working class town in the English Midlands. Rows of red brick terraces built by the British railway companies line the suburban streets. In fact, it’s very different seeing so many buildings made of brick after leaving Scotland.
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Is that Hadrian’s Wall?

Location MapOnce again, roaming through the English countryside with no idea where Hadrian’s Wall was. “Is that the wall?!” someone exclaims pointing to what appears to be just another paddock wall. Alas, no, but we found it eventually! Not exactly where I left it.
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The Lake District

Location MapThe Lake District is surely the most beautiful National Park in all of England. The home of her highest peaks, treacherously steep, but rewarding mountain passes, reflective lakes and colourful heathland.
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