Exploring Vágur in the Faroe Islands

Location MapDuration: 11 days
Expenses: 2380DKK (AUD$470 or AUD$43/day)
Ferry: 171€ (AUD$250 or AUD$23/day)

imageIt might seem silly to spend pretty much the whole trip to the Faroes on just one island, but there was actually plenty to see and do. So much so that it really didn’t seem worth rushing all the way (not far at all really) to the opposite side of the archipelago just to tick a few things off. Some things are better left ’til next time.

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Bird Paradise on Mykines

Location MapNormally when advertisers for wildlife tours talk about “guarantees” and “close sightings” I immediately ignore them. Just like I did when I read that on Mykines you can see puffins just two metres away from you. It is a lie, in fact, you can see puffins less than two metres away from you. They shouldn’t grossly understate things like that, it’s just wrong!
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Gásadalur, the most beautiful village in the world

imageI honestly can’t imagine a more beautiful setting for a village than where Gásadalur sits on the west coast of Vágar. I would like to nominate it as the most beautiful village in the world. After all, it was the main reason I came to the Faroe Islands in the first place. So I was determined to fight off the clouds and capture a magical shot of it that truly did it justice.
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Crossing the Outfield between Sandavágur and Gásadalur

Location MapWhat freedom. What adventure. What fog. The trail between Sandavágur and Gásadalur was very beautiful, soaking wet and eerily mystical at times. Actually, do you even call it a trail when there is no path and no signs of previous travellers? The best part of this hike was that it was as if no one had walked this trail before. Likely just for weeks, maybe months, possibly years, but to me, other than the stone cairns it was as if I was the only person to ever tread the path.
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Ólavsøka in Tórshavn

imageI arrived in Tórshavn in the dark of night, which was unusual for this time of year when the days are so long. I expected the town to be dead at this time, which it was around the ferry, but as I wandered into town I ran into the revellers of Ólavsøka.
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