Norway in a Nutshell

Location MapDuration: 13 days
Expenses: 8,848NOK or 680NOK/day (AUD$1,420 or AUD$109/day)

If you’re going to bother going all the way to Norway, please do something other than the standard Norway in a Nutshell tour. Better still, don’t support those enormous cruiseship companies that pollute the fjords low grade crud. I really wish I had more time in Norway to explore more than just the south. But I have a feeling I’ll be back soon to explore the far north and hopefully even freeze my ass off in Scandinavian winter.

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Hiking to Trolltunga, the Selfie pilgrim’s Mecca

Location MapThere’s a place in Norway which has become the Selfie Mecca of the world thanks to social media and the internet. Tens of thousands of determined selfie hunters, YOLO-ers and self-proclaimed adventurers have completed the pilgrimage in the last few years to get that shot and I suppose I’m one of them now!
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Sailing to Bergen via Sognefjord

Location MapWe had descended from the mountains back to sea level and out to the coastal city of Bergen. Sailing Sognefjord out through the archipelago and south to Bergen showed me a very different perspective on Norway. Houses lined the rocky coastlines, nestled in the forests of the hundreds of tiny islands.
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The Bessegen Ridge in Autumn

Location MapThe Bessegen Ridge is one of the most popular day hikes in Norway. That’s not surprising given the absolutely stunning landscapes of Jotunheimen National Park and the views of the two blue lakes. September certainly was a great time to go to see all the fiery autumn colours.
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