Lake Louise she stole my Heart

Location MapLake Louise is much more remote feeling than Banff and so consequently it feels so much more like the wilderness. You don’t have to walk far before you leave the roads and find peace in the forest. Hopefully you don’t also find a bear, unless of course you’re on the other side of the electric fence that protects the inhabited areas. Even then, better make it two fences!
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Location MapIt wasn’t the typical time to visit Banff during the Film Festival like you might expect. The end of October is a time of transition for the area. The green is exchanged for snow. Deciduous Larch pine trees that line the town streets turn vibrant yellows and oranges. Tourists are replaced by waves of Australians and Germans coming to do the winter season on the working holiday visa.
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The Bessegen Ridge in Autumn

Location MapThe Bessegen Ridge is one of the most popular day hikes in Norway. That’s not surprising given the absolutely stunning landscapes of Jotunheimen National Park and the views of the two blue lakes. September certainly was a great time to go to see all the fiery autumn colours.
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Loch Coriusk on the Isle of Skye

Location MapI saw a stunning painting of Loch Coriusk and I was hooked immediately. Cows fed on the grass by the shores. The calm waters of the loch reflected the intimidating Black Cuillin and a dark shroud of clouds. I just had to figure out how to get to this intriguing place.
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The Isle of Skye

Location MapTucked away far to the north, in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, the Isle of Skye is a real gem. It’s deceptively large, almost 100km from north to south with plenty yo explore. Varying between lush green Highland countryside and the steep, cruel and bear munros of the Black Cuillin.
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The Lake District

Location MapThe Lake District is surely the most beautiful National Park in all of England. The home of her highest peaks, treacherously steep, but rewarding mountain passes, reflective lakes and colourful heathland.
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Exploring Vágur in the Faroe Islands

Location MapDuration: 11 days
Expenses: 2380DKK (AUD$470 or AUD$43/day)
Ferry: 171€ (AUD$250 or AUD$23/day)

imageIt might seem silly to spend pretty much the whole trip to the Faroes on just one island, but there was actually plenty to see and do. So much so that it really didn’t seem worth rushing all the way (not far at all really) to the opposite side of the archipelago just to tick a few things off. Some things are better left ’til next time.

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Crossing the Outfield between Sandavágur and Gásadalur

Location MapWhat freedom. What adventure. What fog. The trail between Sandavágur and Gásadalur was very beautiful, soaking wet and eerily mystical at times. Actually, do you even call it a trail when there is no path and no signs of previous travellers? The best part of this hike was that it was as if no one had walked this trail before. Likely just for weeks, maybe months, possibly years, but to me, other than the stone cairns it was as if I was the only person to ever tread the path.
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