The good winds of Buenos Aires

image Buenos Aires does live up to it’s “Paris of South America” reputation. It almost feels like Europe sometimes when you walk the streets. Now if only I could shake the unsafe feeling everyone keeps polluting my mind with so that I could just enjoy it. Yep, there we go. There is a good air about this place.
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imageSan Carlos de Bariloche feels just like a snow town should. Small, quaint, friendly, generous splashes of timber everywhere and snowy mountain views. There seems to be a couple of nice lodges too including one that looks like a palace!
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Getting into the Foz of Iguaçu Falls

Location MapIt’s funny sometimes how seeing great things can spoil you. I’m not sure I can look at any waterfall the same way after seeing Iguaçu Falls. At a point we traversed about a kilometre of water which fed the most powerful and stunning cascades I have ever seen. I can understand the sentiment in the quote “Poor Niagara!” after seeing the sprawl of falls around the basin and Garganta del Diablo.
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