What can you do with 1,000 days of travel?

I’ve been wondering whether 1,000 days is enough time to see the whole world. To do that with a regular job and four weeks of holidays per year that would probably take you 30 to 40 years and you’d be getting close to retirement. But I don’t want to wait that long to see the world…

I’ve decided to go on a 19 month (575 day) tour of the world to try and capture its variety and beauty.

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The Backstory…

I haven’t always been hooked on traveling. When I was little we lived in Penang, Malaysia and I got to travel a bit with my family, but after moving back to Australia we couldn’t really afford to go anywhere. From 1997 to 2008 we did a few trips to the coast and such, but it wasn’t until a friend dragged me on a tour of New Zealand in Christmas of 2008 that it all really started.

Since then, I’ve gone on numerous trips to over 40 countries and by the end of 2017 I hope to hit 60+. The aspirational goal is to see 80% of the world’s countries, but evidently that’s harder than I thought with so many small remote nations!

But it’s not all about ticking off countries and collecting stamps. So many countries have lured me back for more, to see something else, to dive in deeper.

I consider myself extremely lucky, I think a lot of people forget how lucky they are and they simply need to travel to see how the rest of the world survives.

How can I travel for so long you ask? You have commitments and can’t afford it you say? Well in actual fact, I have a mortgage “tying me down”. I would say I live my life simply, but comfortably, and quite happily at home. I don’t spend my money frivolously, but where it counts and on who matters. I save money where it doesn’t inhibit my enjoyment of life.

Despite all that, it still took luck and opportunities. It took luck to land the job I’ve left behind and to have the career opportunities I’ve been exposed to. Many people are not so lucky in life to have such opportunities.

In reality, that’s what has allowed me to make all these trips. I saved up $10,000 AUD before I left, but in the coming months I’m going to rely on a trickle of income to keep me and the mortgage afloat.

I don’t know if I’ll make it to 575 days that way without working again, but I’m sure going to try!

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