Finding Refugio Frey in June

imageRefugio Frey isn’t a person, it’s a place. Actually, it’s my Sundog hut! The mountain hut featured in the short film Sundog that inspired me to go there. A film portraying the strong relationship between a man and his dog in the mountains of Patagonia.
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A week in the French Alps at Val d’Isere

Location MapThinking about winter in European mountain towns brings to mind thoughts of toasting up in front of cosy fireplaces, wooden chalets and heart warming food. Coming from Australia, it’s hard to see how the soft white fluffy stuff could be considered a nuisance in day to day life and in fact I think it makes the winter cold all very bearable. Maybe that’s a little naive, perhaps it’s just ignorantly blissful positive thinking, but I came out of it with a deeply cemented view that I could call the Alps home and that Val d’Isere was a pretty special place.
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