The Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls Treks (7 days)

Location MapBefore I’d even finished the trek, just halfway through, I had pretty much made up my mind that this was the best hike I’d ever done and couldn’t imagine how there could possibly be a better week long hike anywhere in the world with so much variation, scale, weather, challenge and just absolutely incredible and unique views. That was even after being battered by 80kmph+ winds and rain for 16 hours.
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Sao Paulo

imageSao Paulo, one of the world’s biggest cities. When you include all of the metropolitan areas you pretty much have the population of Australia in one place. That’s phenomenal! but it’s not hard to believe once you try to catch the subway at peak hour. The people look extremely diverse. Stand in the street for five minutes and try to pick the origins of the people walking past you and you’ll constantly be bemused and intrigued.

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The Singapore Sling

Location MapDuration: 9 days
Expenses: AUD$558 OR AUD$60/day

I’ve always said to myself, one day I’ll stopover in Singapore. Being from Australia, it’s quite common to fly through Singapore enroute to Asia or Europe, but every time I’d chosen not to because the trip was about the destination. Finally, I stopped over and Singapore showed me it was a fun, interesting and beautiful destination in it’s own right.

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A week in the French Alps at Val d’Isere

Location MapThinking about winter in European mountain towns brings to mind thoughts of toasting up in front of cosy fireplaces, wooden chalets and heart warming food. Coming from Australia, it’s hard to see how the soft white fluffy stuff could be considered a nuisance in day to day life and in fact I think it makes the winter cold all very bearable. Maybe that’s a little naive, perhaps it’s just ignorantly blissful positive thinking, but I came out of it with a deeply cemented view that I could call the Alps home and that Val d’Isere was a pretty special place.
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A week in Huaraz

Location MapAfter my trip to the Atacama Desert I would have been left with a week in Santiago, but all the people I had met in the Atacama were heading home and not staying in Chile. So, knowing that I get bored in cities on my own (I much prefer landscapes), I shelled out some cash and flew back to Peru to check out Huaraz and the Cordillera Blanca.
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