Location MapIt wasn’t the typical time to visit Banff during the Film Festival like you might expect. The end of October is a time of transition for the area. The green is exchanged for snow. Deciduous Larch pine trees that line the town streets turn vibrant yellows and oranges. Tourists are replaced by waves of Australians and Germans coming to do the winter season on the working holiday visa.
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The Mall in DC

Location MapAt a time when clowns are terrorising the world and running for president, we took a walk around the National Mall in Washington DC to remind ourselves that great leaders did once exist in this country.
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The Battle of Gettysburg

Location MapThe Battle of Gettysburg, the turning point in the American Civil War and a huge victory for the abolishment of slavery in America. The eventual end to the civil war meant the continuation of the Union, allowed the implementation of the 13th amendment and secured the freedom of millions of African Americans.
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