Ribe, the oldest Danish town

Location MapRibe is Denmark’s oldest medieval town and retains a lot of charm. The night watchman still patrols the city streets every night, singing songs to provide reassurance to the residents and maintaining order with his morning star.
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Odense, the home of Hans Christian Anderson

Location MapI remember the name Hans Christian Anderson from when I was a kid. Unmistakably he is the writer of famous fairytales with a morale story that can be understood by all. I had no idea that he was from Odense in Denmark though, so when I found myself nearby it sure seemed like something worth learning more about.
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Norway in a Nutshell

Location MapDuration: 13 days
Expenses: 8,848NOK or 680NOK/day (AUD$1,420 or AUD$109/day)

If you’re going to bother going all the way to Norway, please do something other than the standard Norway in a Nutshell tour. Better still, don’t support those enormous cruiseship companies that pollute the fjords low grade crud. I really wish I had more time in Norway to explore more than just the south. But I have a feeling I’ll be back soon to explore the far north and hopefully even freeze my ass off in Scandinavian winter.

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The Bessegen Ridge in Autumn

Location MapThe Bessegen Ridge is one of the most popular day hikes in Norway. That’s not surprising given the absolutely stunning landscapes of Jotunheimen National Park and the views of the two blue lakes. September certainly was a great time to go to see all the fiery autumn colours.
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Loch Coriusk on the Isle of Skye

Location MapI saw a stunning painting of Loch Coriusk and I was hooked immediately. Cows fed on the grass by the shores. The calm waters of the loch reflected the intimidating Black Cuillin and a dark shroud of clouds. I just had to figure out how to get to this intriguing place.
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Exploring Vágur in the Faroe Islands

Location MapDuration: 11 days
Expenses: 2380DKK (AUD$470 or AUD$43/day)
Ferry: 171€ (AUD$250 or AUD$23/day)

imageIt might seem silly to spend pretty much the whole trip to the Faroes on just one island, but there was actually plenty to see and do. So much so that it really didn’t seem worth rushing all the way (not far at all really) to the opposite side of the archipelago just to tick a few things off. Some things are better left ’til next time.

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Bird Paradise on Mykines

Location MapNormally when advertisers for wildlife tours talk about “guarantees” and “close sightings” I immediately ignore them. Just like I did when I read that on Mykines you can see puffins just two metres away from you. It is a lie, in fact, you can see puffins less than two metres away from you. They shouldn’t grossly understate things like that, it’s just wrong!
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