Ribe, the oldest Danish town

Location MapRibe is Denmark’s oldest medieval town and retains a lot of charm. The night watchman still patrols the city streets every night, singing songs to provide reassurance to the residents and maintaining order with his morning star.
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imageIf you had Lego as a kid, Denmark has the theme park for you. If you didn’t have Lego as a kid, I’m very sorry you were deprived, but at least you still can join in on the experience! Legoland with all its 60 million blocks is a real thing!
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Location MapCopenhagen is a very mixed, modern and old city and it seems to have a lot of clever ideas and designs, but for some reason I just never felt like it was visually beautiful. That said there was still a lot of interesting things to be found and they might have stolen Mary, but no hard feelings Denmark.
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